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Phenyl ethyl ether

Alias: Ethoxybenzene
Product name: Phenyl ethyl ether
Structural formula:
Molecular formula: C8H10OM = 122.16
Physicochemical properties: Colorless oily liquid. It has an aromatic odor, is easily soluble in alcohol and ether, almost insoluble in water, and can volatilize with water vapor.
Relative density: 0.967 (20/4 ℃) Melting point: -30 ℃ Boiling point: 172 ℃ (0.101MPa) Refractive index: 1.507 (20 ℃) ??Flash point: 63 ℃
Quality Index: Content ≥99.5% Moisture ≤0.2%
Uses: Used in organic synthesis.
Supply: 30 tons / month
Package: 200kg plastic drum
Safety and storage: Store in a ventilated and dry place in a sealed and dark place. Dangerous regulation number: Flammable liquid, GB3.3 Class 33567


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